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About Karen

The Potter’s Studio & Gallery certainly could not have been created intentionally. It just evolved. Evolved from Sunday afternoons putzing around a friend’s pottery studio, having fun and without knowing it, shaping the future.

Karen Gray, The Potter's Studio & Gallery

In 2001 I enrolled in Ceramics course at Haliburton School of the Arts where I learned the ins and outs of the world of pottery. Or so I thought. In 2008, real life presented the opportunity to leap into full time, self employment as a potter in a small town that knew how to work miracles. The Potter’s Studio & Gallery, Maynooth Ontario, was born in 2009.

This is where the game of badminton, a ruptured tendon and a cast makes the story more interesting. While immobile for three months, I began carving into my clay pieces and discovered Sgraffito, the technique I now use to decorate each piece of pottery.

Sgraffito pottery technique

“Sgraffito is a pottery decorating technique produced by applying colour to unfired pottery and then scratching off part of the colour to create contrasting images and revealing the clay colour underneath”.

Sgraffito allows me to carve images into clay that tell a story. Makes you remember. Makes you respond.

In 2016, The Potter’s Studio & Gallery relocated to Huntsville, Ontario where it hums along, creating images and stories in clay. Still proudly promoting a variety of artists in the Gallery in painting, wood and sculptural mediums along side faithful pottery. Come see!

Artist Karen Gray with pottery bowl